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Posted on January 11, 2022

CAD Technician will report directly to the Project Manager of their group. A CAD Technician position requires a two year associate degree in Architectural Technology or an equivalent degree and/or experience.

Job Requirements/Tasks:

  • Maintains existing plans by completing revisions requested by the client, documenting all changes and requests for changes to the plans, highlighting items that are completed to verify work is complete.
  • Develops new preliminary “block out” drawings in CAD using client’s sketches or other conceptual items. Must be able to use a logical methodology for creating the drawings. Must be able to identify issues with the plan designs or construction methods.
  • Completes construction documents in CAD from various existing points. Has the ability to pick up a project from any point, determine the steps required to complete the project and finish the project within the given time frame.
  • Locates and interprets building codes using the latest building code book.
  • Displays a basic working knowledge of AutoCad and be able to show continued improvement in CAD skills.
  • Verifies all work after completion of a project or phase by reviewing all components of the plans including the electronic files for correct layering, file and xref paths, styles, and items that need purging. All plans must be reviewed by the CAD technician prior to having someone else review the plan. All project issues must be brought to the attention of the PM before their final review. Record any unresolved issues on a log to remain with the project for client review.
  • Responsible for meeting all deadlines given by the project manager. It is the responsibility of the CAD Technician to challenge a project deadline at the beginning of the project if the CAD Tech believes the project timeline is not sufficient to complete the work.
  • Maintains an accurate daily time log and inputs the time for each job on our system before leaving each day. A brief description for the activities completed is to be included for each project.
  • Demonstrates problem solving skills.
  • Must be able to manage their own time and complete projects on projected deadlines.
  • Communicates with clients as required by the PM.
  • Interacts with other JA Myers Homes associates with a “Team” approach, willing to share information and commit to CAD standards.