SUPERPAWN, Inc.   LAUREL, MD   Full-time     Sales
Posted on September 10, 2021

We have established and grown our business based on the concept of RESPECT. It is
our policy to treat every person we come into contact with absolute RESPECT – no
other way.

SUPERPAWN offers competitive pay, full package Health Insurance, matching 401K, and generous employee discounts.


Interact professionally and kindly with all customers Pawn/Buy/Sell
Clean all merchandise
Keep all sections clean
Take payments on pawns
Cleaning tasks as assigned by Manager
Additional tasks assigned by Manger

A pawnbroker is a business professional who specializes in buying merchandise of
value, making loans to individuals using tangible property as collateral, and in some
cases, running a storefront operation to resell collateral pieces not recovered by
owners. A pawnbroker must be meticulous in writing up all deals as we are licensed
under the dictates of the State of Maryland. You need not be well-versed in
appraising value initially as there will be a manager on duty at all times.

Communication and People Skills

A pawnbroker must be prepared to deal with a wide variety of personalities. People
pawn items for a variety of reasons, some needing fast cash and others looking for a
way to sell unwanted goods. A pawnbroker must be able to efficiently communicate
with customers, explain product values and set terms for loans, interest and collateral.
The pawnbroker business can sometimes be contentious, especially if the customer is
in dire financial circumstances and is trying to get the most money he can for his
product. A pawnbroker must be fair, calm and able to rationally deal with customers.

Merchandise Knowledge

A pawnbroker is an appraiser of sorts and should be well-versed in how to
determine authenticity, condition and value of items customers bring to him for
pawn or sale. A background in appraising is helpful, as is the ability to quickly
research items and their current fair market values. Not only is this essential for
determining loan amounts and purchase prices, but a pawnbroker must also be able
to estimate how much of a profit he can make by reselling purchased merchandise
or selling unclaimed loan collateral.

Business Sense

A pawnbroker is charged with continually evaluating his/her local marketplace and
the state of the local economy. It is detrimental to a pawnshop business to have an
overstock of inventory in one particular area, such as electronics or jewelry. A
pawnbroker must use shrewd business sense in determining the type of merchandise
that will sell in his retail shop or online store. This will guide the merchandise he/she
takes in for pawn or sale.

Knowledge of the Law

The pawn industry is regulated by both state and federal laws. This is especially
important as it pertains to regulating the sale, purchase and pawn of merchandise
that could potentially be stolen. A pawnbroker must be educated about buying and
holding practices and work in conjunction with law enforcement authorities as
necessary to track down and identify stolen goods.


The skills and knowledge required to successfully determine valuations in making
offers often takes years to acquire. Your job initially will consist of learning the
correct and legal procedure for writing deals, tagging merchandise, and informing
the customer of the terms and conditions of our agreements.
From day one we expect you to use your prior experience and talents towards
making the customer feel welcome and glad that they came to SUPERPAWN


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