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Posted on October 10, 2021

Did you break up with Social Change

because it just didn’t seem to be

going anywhere? When girl meets

insurance regulator meets girl meets

branding gatekeeper. Help


Wanted: to pick a fight, pick a scab, pick a ripe

avocado, know when a berry’s stem eases,

releases---that sweetness. Unlike

white, something separative, peelable

like a plastic that covers, lethal. Help

haunted. Help, a gaunt


soldier, suited up, silent

as others are violent, or silently hiring

only our own. Help, to lay down

the white uniform, refuse its appointed



Did you grow up in the United

Conversation With the Broken Plates

of America?

Did you take your broken heart,

groundhog-day sadly. Help,


a wanting, a re-worth

of the nation. A child


says, I wish a cloud


would come to earth,

even though I know I would just

get wet. It’s like that: we pass through

each other---present, past---no part

left dry. You may have already joined

our growing team! What we offer:


no free parking, no corner office. Help

to want it. A willingness

to work without profit. You can’t buy

love; I know, I’ve tried it. Glittered up

compliments: All Hallmark Card

Lives matter. Every idea, over time, degrades

to selfie. Meanwhile, what animates


this dust?

Help: wanting


to get the hang of Process

and Procedure, transform it

to Call and Response. Help Wanted, but not

to be audience. If you arrive

you’ll be asked for a song, sounds

that build a quiet trill that fills


in gaps and holes: how did you buy

your house, and do you talk to your uncle,

who’s on the force? Your aunt, a teacher

your family loves, but black families

quietly avoid? Not incremental


change, excremental: that stuff

we all have, and we can

make fuel from it. When actors stop,

break the plot’s

hypnotic spell: that freedom. To leap


from being biological

bodies, inert islands,


to be always finding

each other. To be always

looking. Help

is wanting. To apply: Take off

the white uniform, and wear


this coat of flowers.

Take off the white uniform, and wear


this dress of fire.

How differently


do you hear this poem

if it ends with, Burn it down?


How different do you hear it

if it doesn't?



To take part, apply here! Contact:


Baltimore , MD